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Earn while supporting local businesses around the world. It's never been this easy to get rewarded.
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Get Paid for Your Next Visit


Earn $XPLR for Visiting Local Businesses


Get Rewarded for Guided In-Store Purchases


Refer Friends & Family to Earn on Their Future Visits


Access Exclusive Discounts on Products & Services


Manage Your Business to Attract Users & Increase Sales

A revolution in the way we explr.

Get paid for your visits and gain access to exclusive deals just for you. Sign up to get notified when the whitelist opens.

For Earners

Want to get paid for your visits? Earn by exploring your favorite landmarks and businesses around the world. Some of the features for earners include:
Discover local businesses

Explore local businesses ready to reward you for
your visits.

Earn for every visit

Get paid every time you visit verified locations. Convert rewards or use them for in-app purchases.

Access to exclusive deals

Claim deals exclusively from the brands you love
by using your rewards.

NFTs to multiply earnings

Equip NFTs to earn additional rewards and
multiply your reward rates.

Close the loop on your Omnichannel experience.

Reach customers closest to your locations, convert them through exclusive deals, and retain them by continuing to offer rewards. First 10,000 businesses will be listed free.

For Businesses

PPC is no longer cutting it. It's time to revolutionize the brick and mortar experience through Pay-Per-Visit PPV. Enable your business to host rewards giving you access to thousands of potential visitors in your area daily. Some of the features for businesses include:
Attract new customers

Expose your business to thousands of potential visitors
in your local area.

Localized reach

Advertise directly to consumers that are within your geographic location. Use data-driven analysis to target users based on interests and previous visits.

Earn against offers and NFTs

Allow users to purchase offers using $XPLR and earn against it. Launch brand specific NFTs through the explr launchpad enabling guests to exclusive deals and earning you passive income.

Gamify your business

Unlock the secret to marketing to the next generation by enabling gamification across your businesses and bringing the joy back into brick and mortar.

Earn Rewards

Finally, monetize your visit, even if you don't make a purchase.

Unlock Your Business

Be part of the new revolution that will transform your business and bring customers into your door.

Become an Owner

Let's build a world changing platform together. Ownership in $XPLR will allow you to make decisions and determine what's next.

We are a team of builders dedicated to transforming the blockchain

We founded explr. for the soul purpose of changing the way consumers and business interact by cutting the middleman advertisers gatekeeping users and their interest. Now the power is in your hands.
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Earning decentralized rewards never looked so good.


What is the $XPLR contract address?

The contract address for $XPLR is 0x7BE2E26f5743Ac44b04EFBe5C1A49b857affc462.

When is presale and is it open to the public?

Presale begins on June 3rd at 4:00 PM UTC. Our presale is hosted on the Pinksale Launchpad. There is a 30 minute window for whitelisted members only to join. To be added to the whitelist please follow the instructions on our contest page.

When is the token launch?

The token will be launched on the day after the completion of the presale.

Where can I learn more about the project?

You can learn more about the project by reading our whitepaper, check out the about page, and by reading our roadmap.

Who can use explr?

The explr platform was planned and will be built with both consumers and businesses in mind. Read more throughout the site to learn about how we will be transforming the retail experience.

What does visit-to-earn mean?

Retailers traditionally advertise to users on social media and search engines with a concept called Pay Per Click. That puts money directly into the advertisement platforms pocket whether or not you convert to a sale. Visit-to-earn aims to change all that and let’s you earn for your visit and your attention. It’s time to let the consumer earn the money they make for these corporations.